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  • 10x Bedrooms
  • 2x Reception rooms
  • 10x Shower/Bathrooms

10 bedroom guest house in Niton Undercliff, Ventnor

Offers Over £1,000,000

  • 7x Bedrooms
  • 3x Reception rooms
  • 5x Shower/Bathrooms

7 bedroom detached house in Carisbrooke, Newport

Price £995,000

  • 7x Bedrooms
  • 5x Reception rooms
  • 2x Shower/Bathrooms

7 bedroom detached house in Havenstreet, Ryde

Offers Over £900,000

  • 6x Bedrooms
  • 2x Reception rooms
  • 2x Shower/Bathrooms

6 bedroom detached house in Seaview

Price £900,000